Go from monotonous to autonomous IT operations with this series. Hosts from Automox, the IT automation platform for modern organizations, will cover the latest IT trends; Patch Tuesday remediations; ways to save time with Worklets (pre-built scripts); reduce risk; slash complexity; and automate OS, third-party, and configuration updates on all your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. Automate confidence everywhere with Automox.

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Product Talk – Automox Audit Trails for Compliance and to See Who's Doing What, Where, E06

Welcome to Product Talk, your ultimate guide to the features and use cases of Automox, hosted by Peter Pflaster and Steph Rizzuto. This podcast peels back the layers o...

Automate IT – Why Worklets Stand Out from Other Automation Solutions, E06

Navigate the complexities of IT automation with the Automate IT podcast, hosted by Automox’s David van Heerden. Each episode dives deep into automation strategies, exp...

CISO IT – Dmitri Alperovitch’s Vision for Cyber Defense, E07

The CISO IT Podcast, hosted by Automox CISO Jason Kikta, is your one-stop shop for all things IT and cybersecurity. Jason knows good security comes from good IT. Step ...

Patch [Fix] Tuesday – June 2024 [A Doozy of a Patch Tuesday], E08

Get the latest Patch Tuesday releases, mitigation tips, and learn about custom automations (aka Automox Worklets) that can help you with CVE remediations.

Automox Insiders – Worklet's the Word with Kyle Gregg, E06

Welcome to Automox’s Insiders podcast, your behind-the-scenes look into Automox, hosted by Maddie Regis. This podcast will introduce you to the creative and dedicated ...

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